Kingston Regatta 2013

After the disappointment of Richmond regatta, the final women's novice 4 were looking for some better luck. It was also Laura's last regatta and she was scarily starting to resemble Gollum in her obsession for pots.  The omens weren't auspicious when Yvonne shredded her shoulder and our last outing involved our cox being near drowned in rough sea conditions.  The race day started in a similar vein when a sat nav 'malfunction' (aka gossiping and not paying attention) meant we arrived late and in a panic.

After gallant efforts by the womens novice 8 and IM3 4 against Cambridge University (damn those spritely teenagers), we finally boated for our first heat, coxed by Sandra.   We should have realised that something was wrong when Daisy kept sliding off her seat during the warm up, but the shiny new onesie was blamed and extreme buttock clenching advised.  We beat Parrs' 1st novice boat from the start and established an early lead.  The roar of the enclosure signalled an easy end to the first race, when suddenly Daisy flew off her seat leaving Sandra desperately trying not to launch the boat over the river bank and into the Sons cheerleading squad.  The girls dropped their pom poms in panic and coach Craig almost spilt his Pimms shouting at her to get back on - but with the seat actually broken the race was finished, and won thank god, with some comedy arms only rowing.A new seat installed, the semi finals were less dramatic with an easy row over after Kingston failed to turn up.  The final against Parrs' 2nd novice boat loomed at the end of a long day.  Leaving coach Cat having kittens and shouting "we'll do it for the baby", we headed to the start line past the pubs and enclosures full of very merry people enjoying the sunshine. 

Laura was muttering about 'her precious', Yvonne was fuelled by Voltarol, Daisy had velcro on her bottom, Susie was working out if she could stroke rate 40, and Sandra was dreaming of pointless pots.  We were slightly thrown when Kingston turned up having wangled their way back into the competition, but we had both boats from the off and the race was easily won and over in a flash.  Finally no drama and some silverware (with lids)! A Sons Summer party to celebrate that night topped off a great day and nothing could beat the chesire grins on everyone's faces.


Bruce Maclachlan