Molesey Regatta 2013

No pots this week, but well done to everybody who competed yesterday. there were some really good performances from the women, the eight took a good scalp in beating a Thames crew (very pleasing) and put up a good fight against Cambridge University. This was always going to be a tough race, especially as they have just completed a month long developement training camp.

Also to Lucy and Sandra who came through their first race in the double with a win in their heat, well done girls. And Babs, a final in IM3 singles that went right to the wire, so close! Come on Lju, lets make it IM3 at Oxford! And the men who had an early start, second race at 8.33am, never easy racing at that time of the day and getting up at the crack of dawn, kept themselves in it to race well later that morning. 

Then there was my 'Boys', found out what senoir racing has to offer, going down by half a length to the eventual winners, we are there abouts lads so keep up the effort.

A big shout out to Cat and Paul who have been hugely influential in getting crews to this ability, thank you so much. Lastly, it was great to see family, friends and ex Sons taking a keen interest and giving the crews support through a long,hot day. It's Oxford city next month, let's keep the fitness levels up, race hard and have some fun. Its a two day regatta and if the weather holds, it looks favourite to camp. I am also told that there is always a good party on the Saturday evening, so come on everyone, one last big push before we break for summer holidays, Keep up the good work.   

Tony Brown

Bruce Maclachlan