2019: The Summer of Pots.

AUGUST 2019. Well that was a busy summer regatta season… and one that has appeared to take up some space in the trophy cabinet. Regatta pots and British Masters Championships Gold seem to be the order of the day at Sons these past few months.

Chiswick Regatta: MAS D/E 4x win; OP 8+ win

Borne @ Chiswick Regatta: W 4x win; Op 8+ win; Op MAS E 4x win; Op MAS E 2x win; Op 4+ win

Putney Town Regatta: MAS E 2x win

British Masters Championships: MAS F 4x GOLD

Barnes and Mortlake Regatta: W 2x win

Kingston Regatta: MAS E 4x win

Richmond Regatta: Op 8+ win; MAS E 4x win.

Bruce Maclachlan