They did it… 1 boat, 4 guys and 3,000 miles

JANUARY 2019. Fuelled with some SONS grit, Men of Oar took on the Talisker Challenge to row the Atlantic. The annual race from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Antigua sees 20-30 crews setting off to eat-sleep-row-repeat their way across 3000 nautical miles to Nelson’s Dockyard.

Less people have completed this challenge than those who have climbed Everest or been to space… perhaps it is the daily 20 foot waves or the thought of spending weeks in 8 square meters of floating fibreglass with only the promise of blisters aggravated by salt that doesn’t quite compare… But when faced with the world’s toughest row seeing the shore of Antigua in the distance is reward in itself…

The team made up of Sons own William Theakston, Robin Drysdale, Sam Bolt-Laurence and David Laurence finished in 47 days, 6 hours and 37 minutes…. What a fantastic efforts and for two amazing causes:  Combat Stress and Bowel Cancer UK.  You can still donate at Atlantic Men of Oar's fundraising page .

Men of Oar.jpg
Bruce Maclachlan