What a fun day racing on the river Lea - clashes with blades and riverboats guaranteed. 

Nine races, nine crews and four pots! A stellar effort from Sons to kick start the 2017/2018 season.  

Masters crews: 

W.IM2.4x Ruth, Sanne, Coops, Jenny 

Mx.MasC.2x  Dave Smith and Coops (winner) 

Mx.MasC.2x Drago and Darlings 

MasD.1x Dave Smith (winner) 

Senior Women's crews:

Mx.IM2.4+ Emily, Georgie, V, George, Darlings 

W.IM3.4+ Emily, Georgie, V, Laura, Eleanor (winner) 

W.IM2.2x Georgie and George 

W.NOV.2x Darlings and V (winner) 

W.NOV.2x Laura and Eleanor

Special mention to Eleanor taking home a pot in her first race with Sons, Dave Smith continuing his winning form in the single, and finally to Laura and her brownies which were a big hit after boat loading. 

From all accounts the river racing over 600m was well worth the trip to N/E London. See you next Autumn, Lea!