Women's Head of the River Race 2017

Women are already well represented in rowing, and that looks set to increase. Next Olympics there will be an equal number of events for women; positive implications for women's rowing in the US, and perhaps globally, stem from Title IX; and in a week or two we'll be seeing women in the Boat Race again. Certainly, at Sons, the women have a strong, active squad, so a good backdrop to the Women's Head of the River Race 2017. That and a summery kind of day in early spring.  

Starting at 54, the crew had to contend with the Cambridge University B storming up from behind them early in the race. Presumably, this crew was full of rowers making a claim for the Blue Boat and weren't there to make up the numbers. A finish at 114, and under 21 minutes, for our girls, was a decent result that reflects continued work over the winter months. It's good to see the core of last year's Henley crew still racing, and some new faces as well. Last comment, as a weary crew paddled back from Putney, goes to Step: