Barnes & Mortlake Regatta 2016

Sons entered 2 crews from their Mens squad at Barnes & Mortlake, a local regatta organised by their upriver neighbours at Mortlake Anglian & Alpha. This involved a particularly early start for the Hammersmith contingent (boating before 7am!) for Mat, Dave, Nic, and Greg and last-minute substitute cox Peter Horton (coming to the rescue of our crews once again!). 

The IM3 4+ race involved some of this season's regulars from the men's squad but was a relatively scratch crew having never rowed in this configuration in a 4+. Although they showed that they could get off to a clean start and almost achieve clear water a third into the race, their Vesta rivals were determined not to give up and slowly ate it into that gap. As much as the old saying is to "get ahead from the start so you can see your competition", it's never enjoyable to see your rivals gradually come back at you and just inch past you on the line. (Nothing that a few more water sessions couldn't have helped for future races!) Verdict: A canvas for Vesta over Sons of the Thames

Greg raced in a straight final in IM3 1x and finally managed to get his second sculling point, almost exactly 7 years, to the day, after the first one.

After a strong start he almost had clear water but the experience and skill of his Quintin rival started to show through and with some serious cheering from squad members, he just about managed to hold on. All this despite some particularly dodgy steering towards the finish... Verdict: 1/4 length

Bruce Maclachlan