Hammersmith Regatta 2016

An unsatisfactory win for Ed in Vet D 1x, after a first round on very rough water on the flood tide. With a flooded footwell it was a relief to pass under Hammersmith Bridge and find slightly calmer waters. The final, in the afternoon involved 45 minutes of waiting in the boat, which apparently gave time for the organizers from Auriol and Kensington to go and look for the other competitor at Putney Town RC, the rules about late arrivals apparently having been waived. It was finally decided that Mr Journeaux definitely wasn't coming and the resulting row over past the club somehow lacked the excitement of side by side racing. The women's eight narrowly lost to St Paul's. Half a length up approaching the bridge, our women had the outside of the Hammersmith bend, and couldn't hold off St Pauls in really awful water, but were comfortably ahead of Putney Town.  

Bruce Maclachlan