Henley Silver Goblets 2015

If you want to race a pair at HRR there's only one option - the Silver Goblets, an open event which attracts its share of internationals. So just being invited was an achievement for our own Pete Reynolds and Mirko Brinker. Come the day, the Sons pair did far more than just take part, easily beating a Lady Rohesia combination that included a Wyfolds winner from the previous year. The next round featured full-time professionals and World Silver medalists Foad and Landridge and an honourable exit for the best pair we've had in ages. It's particularly pleasing that Mirko has done all his rowing at Sons after coming to the sport through our learn to row course in 2011. The commentators on the excellent new Henley TV feed noted the crew's good technique - a credit to them and coach Sam Haeta. 

Bruce Maclachlan