Oxford Regatta 2013

Oxford City Regatta is the last of the season, and turned out to be a good one. A number of crews were involved in some close racing, and with a little luck our pot haul could have been higher. As it was we didn't do badly with wins for Babs in WIM3 1x, and three for Sam in a complete set of small boat races: single scull, the double with Jose, above, and the pair with Drago. Thanks to Lucy and Babs for their write ups. 

Lucy's Race:

On Sunday of Oxford City Regatta I decided to take part in my first ever single Scull race. After 7 years of rowing I have only ever rowed in crew boats. I have raced in all classes but I have never stepped into a single for a race. I knew that training for a scull race would be very different. I had to think alone, act alone and only I was accountable for what happened during my race. Rowing up to the start line was lonely yet relaxed. I tried to think of things that would calm me down and keep me focused and thinking of the finish line and making my coaches proud calmed me down as much as I needed to be whilst I was getting onto the stake boats. I started the race of very slow but my opposition was a little more clued up on things and she was away pretty fast. I knew I had to use the next 400m to catch up of which I did. I managed to keep her stern in my sights the whole distance until the last 100m when she made a push and I just couldn’t keep up. I crossed the line behind her and after a brief discussion with my opposition she congratulated me on my race and I upon reflection was able to be happy with my performance. Racing in a single scull requires a different mindset of which I am yet to acquire. Unlike other athletes at the club who are extremely good at racing alone, I think I shall stick to what I am good at get myself back into big boats next season.

Bruce Maclachlan