Chiswick and Wallingford Regattas 2012

I joined Fitness First last year and I'm not sure I'll renew. It's warm and dry in there, you can't get run down by the Tupperware Navy and unless the fountain is even less salubrious than it looks, there's no risk of contracting a water-bourne disease. The thing is though, it's boring. And that brings me to this weekend's regattas. After the euphoria of last week, it seems we have no wins to report. A despondency hangs over our little corner of Hammersmith, but here's the thing - I haven't heard anyone say they were bored. Win or not, I'll bet that this weekend will have sharper memories for our competitors than the gym for all those people who did that. Anyway, here is an account of how our novices (except we can't call the IM3 girls than any more), got on from Andrew, news of the Sons-Furnival VIII from Graham and of the Sons IM2 VIII from Emile. Thanks to all three - it's easier to write about a win but, to me, weekends like this last one are still important in the life of the club. 

Bruce Maclachlan