Quintin Head 2011

Let's just get this out of the way, your reporter arrived at Hammersmith Bridge too late to see our first men's VIII finish the race. Clearly, they hadn't factored photographic opportunities into the race plan and rowed too fast.  

As Rory commented: "We were only 11 seconds off the IM3 pennant - and it was easily achievable. Fourth, and the top club, in IM3 is good - and we would have been eighth out of 16 in IM2 (third club behind Scullers and Vesta in IM2) - had we raced the category above. It is all very promising for this season, especially as we are still three or four rowers short in the top boat."

Our second IM3 VIII was a "let's have a go" scratch crew but they were not humiliated and managed to beat local Tideway rivals Cygnet and Parrs Priory. Less than a minute behind on overall time, our men's novice VII burst out from under the bridge wearing their new all-in-ones and some serious race faces. They beat four other novice VIIIs in their first race and showed massive commitment - as did the womens' crew. With one member ill, an injured athlete showed a lot of grit in taking her seat. Cox, Andrew Maunder, was called on to show some steely resolve of his own in bringing an almost unsteerable boat to the finish. Well done everyone, lots of promise for the season ahead. 

Bruce Maclachlan