Hammersmith Head 2012

Our two novice crews, containing many rowers who came to the club from our Learn to Row course last summer continue to improve. Alex from the men's Eight offered this comment:

 "Pre-race outing. Wet. Change into dry racing kit. Go racing. Wetter! Wait about. Cold. Race! Now warm but still wet! Good rowing. Head to head with Bath Uni. Almost holding them off. Too late. Still good rowing. End of island. Row hard! Sons cheering. Row hard + Look good! Finish! Cold and Wet. Tea. Food. Tea. Food. Drinks. Waiting...

Results. 14/30! Everyone happy especially Mirko. (Forgot shower before Tea)."

 And from the women's crew Lubica said:


"A fine effort by both novice squads, where both the women's and men's teams took considerable time off their first head race two months earlier. The men's novice squad had an especially good race, where they came ahead of many more experienced crews, and finishing middle of their category."

 Good luck for the summer regattas everyone. 

Bruce Maclachlan